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Includes the Iron Palm herbs, instructions for preparation as required for training, and access to online video.

If you've ever wanted to increase your striking power, this is the program for you!

Amongst Chinese Grandmasters there exists a tradition of ancient healing secrets that have been handed down through generations for nearly two thousand years.

Grandmaster William Cheung is the honoured custodian of more than five hundred ancient Chinese medical scrolls containing secret formulae that have successfully treated many different illnesses and injuries.

From the midst of these secret formulae, Grandmaster Cheung presents his 100-day Iron Palm Training Program. With this program, serious martial artists can now train in ancient methods that will:

  • increase their striking power up to five times their current levels;
  • develop their abilities to harness internal energies more efficiently;
  • improve their striking focus and target penetration

Best of all, with this program, comes a unique herbal formula that will allow the practitioner to train without fear of injury or damage to the hands. The special Iron Palm formula heals injury and removes bruising and swelling straight away, so that the hands remain normal in appearance and to the touch.

Other programs invite damage to the hands, with the possibility of arthritis further down the track. But with Grandmaster Cheung's 100-Day Iron Palm Training Program, you are assured of the correct and safe way to do Iron Palm Training.

The complete package includes:

  • herbs necessary to train Iron Palm safely and correctly
  • full instructions for use
  • access to online Iron Palm training instructions

Additional items you will need:

  • wine, vinegar, salt and sulphur powder as described in the instructional booklet
  • canvas bags for striking

Iron Palm Training

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